Get your 2016 taxes done faster and easier than ever before!
Simply send us your tax documents or last pay stub and our certified tax professionals will do the rest to ensure your Maximum Refund is delivered as soon as possible!

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$50 cash gift card or a refund advance up to $1200 when you file.

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All VTax tax preparers are licensed and certified in the latest IRS tax law.

We guarantee you will receive the maximum refund you are entitled or we will refund you the tax preparation fees you paid.

We offer you the option to deduct your VTax filling fees directly from your federal tax refund.

We review your return for errors and missing credits and deductions to ensure your return in 100% accurate and is processed without delay.

About VTax

It's fast & easy

  • No appointment is necessary.
  • No tax office visit is required.
  • Use the VTax mobile app to send us all your documents
  • We work around your schedule and availablity regardless of your location
  • Our streamlined approach significantly reduces the time it normally takes to file your taxes.

It's affordable

  • We cost less than most traditional tax preparers.
  • You preserve valuable work and family time.

It's accurate

  • Filing taxes is a huge hassle, and it's easy to make honest mistakes that can cause dire consequences, resulting in tax audits and penalties
  • We offer you the peace of mind that your Tax Return is filed accurately with your Maximum Refund guaranteed.
No problem! We can still give you a free estimate using your last pay stub.

Convenient and Efficient

The whole process of filing your taxes with a licensed and credentialed tax expert couldn’t be more convenient and efficient! Send and Receive Confidential documents through VTax mobile app for android and ios securely, right from your mobile phone!

Option A: Mobile App

Convenient, Fast, Secure

The VTax mobile app allows you to send your tax information to VTax professional tax preparers from anywhere – no need for an office visit! You can save time and get your refund quickly.

  1. Complete the form and choose "Mobile App"
  2. We'll direct you to the App Download
  3. Get started! Create an account and securely transmit your tax documents and information to VTax tax preparers using a unique Tax ID number for confidential communication.

Option B: Direct Assistance

No app, no problem, you can still use VTax

Have a VTax professional assist you directly.

  1. Complete the form and slect "Direct Assistance"
  2. A VTax tax professional will contact you at your request.
  3. All the assistance you need without an appointment.

We are committed to keeping your contact information confidential. We do not sell, rent, or lease your information to third parties. See our privacy policy for full details.

Call 24/7: 844-YES-VTAXPREP (937-8829) Use code: 2AD4640D to get your special offer

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